AP World History
AP World History begins with 8000 B.C.E. and continues through the modern age.

Period 4: Empires and Encounters, 1450-1750
Period 4 Key Concepts
Period 4 Need to Know List
Period 4 Cram Packet
Period 4 Review
Ch 14 Review Packet
Ch 14 Activities 1 & 2
Ch 14 Map Activity
Ch 14 Notes
Ch 14 Colonial Societies Pwp
Colombian Exchange Project
Age of Exploration Assignment
Age of Exploration T-Shirt Extra Credit
Ch 15 Review Packet
Ch 15 Map Activity
Ch 16 Review Packet
Period 4 Part I Review
Period 4 Part II Review
Period 4 Part III Review

Periods 3 & 4 Notebook Check

Period 5: The European Moment in World History, 1750-1914

Ch 17 Review Packet
Crash Course #28 American Revolution
American Revolution PowerPoint
Abolitionist Notes
Crash Course #29 French Revolution
Crash Course #30 Haitian Revolution
Haitian Revolution Notes
Crash Course #31 Latin American Revolution
Latin American Revolutions Notes
Ch 18 Review Packet
Industrial Revolution Pwp #1
Industrial Revolution Pwp #2
Crash Course #32 Industrial Revolution
Reilly Reader - Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution
Ch 19 Review Packet
Ch 20 Review Packet
1750-1914 Review
Period 5 Focus Questions

Period 6: Accelerating Global Change and Realignments 1900 to the Present
The End of WWI
Fascism Rises in Europe
Algerian Nationalism & Independence
Egyptian Nationalism & Independence

Review for the Test
Period 1 PowerPoint
Must Know Dates- Self Quiz - All Eras
Must Know Vocab - All Eras
Asia Review
Africa Review
Latin America Review
Religion and Philosophy
Political Developments
Economic Developments
Trade Between Cultures
World Interactions

After the Test
Book List
Senior Review

Reading and Thinking Notes
Chapter 4 Reading & Thinking Notes
Chapter 6 Reading & Thinking Notes

Study Packet Answer Sheet

Pirates Chart - Blank Copy
Geography Coloring Book - Empires Wks
Period 2 - Need to Know List
Period 2 Group Project
Chapter 5 Religion/Philosophies Chart Directions
Ch 9 Review Packet
Ch 10 Review Packet
Ch 11 Review Packet
Ch 12 Review Packet
Ch 12 Map Activity
Ch 13 Review Packet
Ch 13 Map Packet

Ch 10 Quiz Corrections Review

Mrs. Niemi's PowerPoints
Early India
Period 2 Introduction
Qin Dynasty - Classical China
Period 3 Intro - An Age of Accelerating Connections
Mongol Notes Part 1
Mongol Notes Part 2
Mongol PowerPoint
Period 3 Massive PowerPoint Review

Essay Organizers
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Thesis Killer Words
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World Religions

Jared Diamond on why societies collapse - TED Talk

Crash Course Videos
The Persians and the Greeks
The Buddha and Ashoka
The Dark Ages
The Crusades
Mansa Musa and Islam in Africa

Student Presentations

Indus River Valley

History Rocks

The Vikings
Mansa Musa
The Crusades

Funny Stuff
Egyptian Bathroom
The Mesopotamians by They Might Be Giants