Independent Reading Project

Independent Reading Project       

English 9                      2012-2013             

50 points total per term

Project Description and Objectives:  During your three terms in English 9 this year, you will be reading books independently. This project is designed to promote reading for pleasure, introduce you to various genres, expose you to books available at your school library, inspire you to share reading experiences with others, and allow you to interact with literature through response. 

Getting Started: Start by choosing a book that you are able to understand without assistance but that is also sufficiently challenging to help you grow as a reader.  The readability level of the book should correspond to your reading level as determined by your performance on the Gates Reading Test.  You will be allowed to read any fiction or nonfiction books of your choice.  Of course, these books must be school appropriate.  You will be expected to bring your independent reading book to class every day as this project will be ongoing throughout this term and throughout the year regardless of who you have as a teacher for English 9.  You will be given some time in class to read, but you will complete the majority of the reading on your own time. 

Places to find books for this projectschool library, home, public library, borrow one from a friend,borrow one from a teacher

Genres of fiction you might explorefantasy, drama, historical fiction ,horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, short story collection, realistic fiction, adventure, folktale,nonfiction books,and more!

Genres of nonfiction you might explore: biography, autobiography, history, essay,travel book, journal, and more!

In-Class Reading Time: You will be responsible for actively reading during any in-class reading time allotted for this project.  During this time, you may not engage in any other conflicting activities such as listening to music, holding side conversations, or working on other schoolwork.  

Abandoning a Book: Sometimes a book looks good at first, but then you find it is difficult to “get into,” contains objectionable content or language, or is too difficult to read.  Reading for this project should be enjoyable!  If you begin to read a book, and do not wish to continue reading it for any reason, you may abandon the book.

Reading Response: Although you will be reading multiple books throughout the school year,your teacher will ask you to respond to one book per term.  You must convince your teacher that you have read, understood, interpreted, connected with, and evaluated this book.  This book may NOT be one that you read at a previous grade level or that has been made into a movie (no Harry Potter, Hunger Games,etc).

Reading Response cont. (20points):  To complete your reading response, use the list of personal response topics for fiction and/or nonfiction.  You may answer one or several questions presented, but your response must be at least one typed page long (Times New Roman font, double-spaced, standard one-inch margins) and be organized into paragraphs.  Do no simply answer in a numbered, listed, format.  Mention the title—properly capitalized and punctuated (underlined)—and the author of your book in the first paragraph of your response. 

Presentation and Visual (30 points): At the end of the term, you will share the book you responded to with the class in the form of an oral presentation and visual.  The visual should include the title of the book (underlined), name of the author, a powerful quote from the book (not necessarily dialogue) with page number, and a picture that connects with this quote that will make an impression on viewers. This picture should not simply be a copy of what is on the cover of the book.  The visual must be neat, show effective use of space, be spell-checked/edited, and overall appeal to the eye.  The goal of you presentation is to describe the book in such a way that students will want to read it themselves.  Be careful not to give away the ending!  Be prepared to answer questions posed by the teacher and your classmates.      

Recommending a Book: At any time, you may post a book recommendation via the IRP bulletin board.  Use a book template and include the following information:  Title of the book, author, where the book is available, and who you would recommend the book to and why.  You may earn up to five points of extra credit for handing in a completed book recommendation.