Mrs. Haack's 8th Grade Resource Room
Welcome to the 8th Grade Resource Room also know as the Zemmer Bull Dog Den!  My name is Elisa Haack.  I have been in the teaching profession for 22 years.  My career began as a high school English and social studies teacher. After seven years I was ready for a change.  I then taught special education at Irwin and Schickler for 13 years.  3 years ago, when Zemmer reopened as a middle school, I knew it was perfect opportunity to return to the secondary level.

I look forward to working with your child this year!


1st Hour- Academic Support

2nd Hour- Teacher Preparation

3rd-6th Hour-  Drop-In-Center (Bull Dog Den)

Course Description 

Academic Support is an elective class to work on specific IEP goals and objectives.  At times, the class will focus on tasks and skills that need reinforcement in the specific content areas.  Academic support is not a study hall. Students are expected to complete homework at home.  Specific skills and tasks will be reviewed as needed in the academic support class. 

The Bull Dog Den is based on the "drop-in" model.  After receiving initial instruction in the general education setting, students may "drop-in" to my room for assistance and additional support.  The BDD will also be a place where testing and general accommodations will be made.

Helpful Hints

1.  Please call me if you have questions or concerns.
2.  Ensure a location and time for your child to complete homework and a place to study.
3.  Check Power School weekly for attendance, tardies, assignment completion and grade  updates.