About Me

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          I graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science degree for Secondary Education.  I am highly qualified by the federal “No Child Left Behind Act” to teach general science and history.  I decided that I wanted to become a teacher when I was in high school.  I had many wonderful teachers throughout my education that made my learning experience exciting and inspiring.  I feel that I have the energy and motivation it takes to make the field of science and history fun and enjoyable for all of my students.

          As an eleventh year teacher, I am very excited about my career at Zemmer 8/9 Campus.  I believe that what happens in my classroom will affect all of my student's future.  I hope that I will be a positive resource which will help motivate my students to enjoy my class and give them the education they deserve.  Time in my classroom will be well spent.  Students may even come home exhausted from all of the thinking during the hour they spends with me, but I will make every minute count!                                                             
          I enjoy many activities outside of school.  I love just spending time with my family.  I have an 8 year old son name Rylan Michael Wilson.  He sure keeps my husband and I busy!  Together we love to travel, shop, snowmobile, ride four-wheelers,  geocache, fish, and camp.